Acoustic pieces

Kessler, Thomas - Is It? (2002)

For soprano saxophone and soprano voice


Leroux, Philippe - Un lieu verdoyant (1999)

For soprano saxophone and mezzo-soprano


Walker, Rachel C. - drift and iron sheets (2019)

For alto saxophone and soprano voice

written for There is no air in Space
!!! recording coming soon !!!

With electronics

Aska, Alyssa - Harmony of Ptolemais (2019)

For soprano saxophone, voice and live electronics

De Troyer, Jana - Putzzwang (2021)

For cleaner ("Putzkraft") and live electronics

Moore, Ted - ...if two things don't fit, but you believe both of them, thinking that

somewhere, hidden, there must be a third thing that connects them (2014)

For baritone and alto saxophones, soprano voice and electronics (rev. 2019)

Soundcloud YouTube

Sagulin, Michael - Ducks on the Sea (2019)

For saxophones, voice and video



Walker, Rachel C. - An Iron Nail (2018)

for two percussionists and voice

Performative pieces


selections from the Fluxus performance workbook

Cotton, Kelsey - Return to Sender (2021)

For two improvisers, paper and Sharpies

C19 improvisations

Fragile confinement (Summer 2020)


Close, yet miles apart (Spring 2020)


Collaborations with visual artists

Kägra, Daana-Loreen - The mind of a child (2020)

For two players and three prints

Košar, Alja - Translating the Point (2019)

For saxophones and voice



 Simonsen Antonius, Tine - Litho (2020)

For two players, tape and lithographic sketch



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