Audiovisible is a project devised by saxophone-voice duo There is no air in Space, exploring the idea of how music “should” look and what counts as a score. During the concert 4 different pieces will be performed, a traditionally notated score; a video score; an etching and an improvisation. Audiences are invited to participate in the performance by drawing their interpretation of the music in real-time and thereby creating their own scores based on the 4 pieces.  

In doing this, we seek to invite the audience to think differently about new music as well as how it can be notated or recorded, and to question the musical potential of the world around them. Audiovisible seeks to encourage a new way of thinking about composition, by letting audience members unleash their inner composer. We hope to stimulate creativity and open a playful dialogue about the hierarchy between ‘composer’ and ‘performer’.

Stay tuned for updates as we expand Audiovisible in an exciting new direction!